Temple of Chausath Yogini


Chausath Yogini Temple is a circular temple with thick and huge outer wall. The diameter of the temple outer wall is 130 m and  inner diameter is 116 m. There are 84 cells forms the full circle. The temple is made with sand and granite stones, which gives an exceptional plan and design. This circular cloister containing 84 sculptures of different Brahmanical Deities, in which 64 sculptures are of Chausath Yogini’s. Rest of other sculptures are of BrahminicalGoddesses and Gods including Ganesha, Bhairava and Hanuman. The name of the most of the Goddesses are inscribed on the pedestals differ from lists given in Sanskrit texts (literature). The inscribed images belong to  c.2nd-10th century C.E. . One Sculpture of Kushanaera(2nd Century C.E) and another sculptures of red sand stone which are roughly dated back to nearly 8th Century C.E are also here, which tells that many ancient temples would have been situated here.



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CP No. 104, dt. 22/11/1911; Pub 25/11/1911 CP No. C-72 AB - 358, dt. 11/4/1925 and corrigendum CP on 7/2/1912


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Bheraghat Jabalpur Jabalpur M.P.