Matangesvara Temple


Matangeshwara temple is a plain, square temple situated close on the north bank of Shiva-sagar tank, immediately to the south of Lakshmana Temple. On plan and in design, Matangesvara it is an elaboration of Temple the Brahma Temple, with one notable difference - the central projections on the three sides are marked by balconied windows, canopied by projecting eaves, which are characteristic of the developed Khajurahotemples. Considered the holiest of the Khajurahotemples, thousands of pilgrims visit Matangeshwara on Mahasivaratri. This Temple has a massive Shivalingam and yonipitham, The shivalingam is well polished. On the body of the linga are two Persian and several Nagariepigraphs written. Piligrims does Pradakshina by walking on the Yonipeetham.This is the only temple of Khajuraho which is still worshipped. The temple is in worship and since it suffered much damage in the past, it is encumbered with modern additions and accretions in the interior as well as on the exterior for lending support and stability. This temple has circular ceiling, which is formed of concentric rings overlapping each other, rests on an octagon. This is supported on four pairs of pillars, placed one in each of the four openings. The four pillars in the corners of the temple formed no part of the original design, having been inserted at a later date to support some cracked lintels of the ceiling. This shows that the temple was later preserved by later dynasties. From the design and development there is no doubt that this is one of the earliest temples of Khajuraho, and is assignable to c.900-925 C.E. and built by king Harsha of Chandella dynasty.



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Khajuraho Rajnagar Chhatarpur M.P.