Jatakari or Chatrubhuj Temple


This temple is the farthest temple situated about 4 km. South of Khajurahotemple complexes and 600 m south-west of the Jatkari village. This temple is standing on a nirandhara temple style. It is of modest size similar to the Javari Temple, and consists on the plan of a sanctum carrying a simple sikharaof heavy proportions, vestibule, mandapa and porch. The temple shows some notable features. This is the only developed local temple which lacks erotic sculptures. Although the temple is girdled round by the three usual bands of sculptures, all figures, except those of the Gandharva’s in the  top row. The large (2.7 m high) Sculpture of four-armedDakshinamurti Shiva is enshrined in the sanctum, however is remarkable for its expression of transcendental clam and basis. The consort of Narasimha, figured in the northern niche of the sanctum façade, is also noteworthy. The temple anticipates the Duladeo in many features of plastic style and ornaments and is datable to circa 1100 C.E.



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F.3-66/52 A2, dt. 4/11/1952 vide SRO 1999 pub dt. 6/12/1952 F.3-66/52 A2 SRO 865, dt. 30/4/1953


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Khajuraho Rajnagar Chhatarpur M.P.