Dorothy deep rock shelter


This Site is situated to the west of Pachmarhi in the direction of Dhupgar. This Site contains a number of Rock shelters which are roughly dated back to Mesolithic phase. The most important painting here was identified by Gordon (1958) as the “magical sky chariot”. A human figure stands on a horseless chariotpointing a head with one hand while in the other he holds two sheaves of grain resembling corn. In front of the chariot is a patch with many lines representing clouds and running water.  Clear evidence of Mesolithic culture has come from the Dorothy Deep shelter. The 1932 excavation was confined to the Nallah area, and a trial pit close to the rock wall up to 2’ and the 1934 excavation by a trial trench right across the breadth of the cave up to 5’ depth with undisturbed stratification. The earliest deposit was of the Mesolithic (Tardenoisian) period. The multiplicity of shapes and sizes, characteristic of most stone age cultures, suggests occupation prior to the Neolithic and the metal ages. Subsequently, the shelter was occupied by a culture using pottery. The excavator thought that though there was no sterile deposit between the two cultures, and quartz flakes were found in the upper layers where pottery abounds. It was doubtful if there was any overlap.



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Locality Tehsil District State
Pachmarhi Suhagpur Hoshangabad M.P.