Chitragupta or Bharatji


The Chitragupta temple is situated at a short distance to the north of the temple described above and like most of the temples at Khajuraho faces east. Its plan is similar to that of the Devi Jagadambi temple, except that the square ceiling of the hall is reduced by the cutting off of its corners to an octagon, which in its turn is converted into a series of diminishing circles. Like the Jagadambi temple, it consists on plan of an entrance porch, maha-mandapa with lateral transepts, vestibule and sanctum without ambulatory. The temple is dedicated to Surya or the Sun-god and an image of this deity, 5 feet in height, wearing high boots and driving in a chariot of seven horses, is enshrined in the sanctum. Three similar but smaller sculptures of Surya are depicted on the lintel of the ornate doorway. The carvings on the outside a narrow recessed frieze in the plinth represents a party of stone carriers as well as elephant fights, processions, hunting scenes and dances. Another sculpture of interest is an eleven-headed image of Vishnu enshrined in the central niche to the south of the sanctum. The central head is of Vishnu himself, while the remaining ten heads are symbolic of his ten incarnations. There are no inscriptions on the temple except some masons’ marks. The sculptures on this temple, as on Jagadambi Temple, approximate those of Visvanatha in style and proportion and are not as slender as the ones on Kandariya. The architectural and decorative motifs also display the same affinity. Jagadambi and Chitragupta are, therefore, to be placed stylistically between Visvanatha and Kandariya and are dated to c. 1000-25 C.E.



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