Ancient site and Adamgarh rock shelters


These rock shelters are situated on the south of Narmada river around 2 km south of Hoshangabad town. These rock shelters were discovered by ManoranjanGhosh in 1922 CE, further research was carried out by D.H. Gordon and other archaeologists like Mitra (1927 CE), Silberrad (1932 CE), Brown (1932 CE), and Hunter (1935 CE). There are around 18 rock shelters in Adamgarh; 11 shelters have visible paintings, others have faded with time and some due to vandalism. The major paintings are available in this site are of Animal Hunting, Fauna, Human activities, etc. These shelters contain paintings of Prehistoric period, done in red and white colours. Few shelters were excavated and the remains which are found pull back the date of this site tillPalaeolithic period to historical period.



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GOI F 4-9/63 C1 SO / 623, dt 6/6/1963; Pub 15 /6/1963 SO 2686, dt. 28/8/1963; Pub 21/9/1963


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Kalamdi, Rasulia and Kishanpur Hoshangabad Hoshangabad M.P.